Led by Wendy Davis, Zebrano Travel is a Virtuoso luxury travel company specializing in personalized private trips and escapes throughout the world. We cater to the discerning traveller whose principle aim when travelling is to experience the very best.


Our clients actively seek out the ultimate in accommodation. They want personalized services in every aspect of their journey. They demand the "wow" factor. Our clients require the simple things in life:

  • To be pampered
  • To be inspired
  • To be connected
  • To be guided
  • To be informed

We are passionate about creating travel experiences that showcase the uniqueness of the world - the people, the geography, the beaches & reefs, the culture, the heritage, and the wine & food. Our Travel Concierges take great pride in providing outstanding service so you can travel the world in the manner you have come to expect. We know how important your vacation is and we're here to make sure your trip is fabulous from start to finish.


In today's Internet-savvy world, many people choose to take control of their travel plans. And we've all heard the horror stories - undisclosed travel times, the luxury hotel suite that was anything but luxurious or the lackluster tour guide which spoiled the travel experience. Some travellers like the risk and adventure of do-it-yourself travelling. But, the more discerning traveller knows to let a travel consultant do what they do best. We can make your life a little easier by handling all your travel arrangements. It would take you hours of research to find "the" destination and "the" ideal resort for your next romantic getaway. Not only will we save you valuable time... we'll plan your trips based on your preferences and tastes complete with your own custom Zeb Travel Planner. These are special trips. Your trips... your way.

Zeb Travel A La Carte — Simpler Travel Arrangements

Now you can book with Zebrano for your quick trips... when you need flights, hotels, transfers, car rentals and restaurants but you don't need a great deal of research. These are quick getaways... requiring less planning... but no reason you can't utilize the Virtuoso amenities. Call us from anywhere in the world and we can make it happen. Dinner in Paris we know the restaurants well. Hotel in NY... tell us which part of town and we're on it. Best guide in Florence... we have our own contacts locally. Take advantage of Zeb Travel A La Carte.

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